Ready, Willing, Able - IMPACT™ Servant Leadership


Lyle Tard - Founder and CEO

Servant Leader Catalyst, RBLP-C, Emotional Intelligence Influencer


What’s our Philosophy?

Servant Leaders are catalysts and catalysts are people who haven't been convinced that there is a certain way to lead. Those people are primarily found on college campuses, in businesses, and at churches. Innovators have a thirst to make a difference. How do they burst on the scene? With IMPACT™!


What do we do?

Inspire, Equip and Develop the principles and practices of a servant lead life through our uniquely designed IMPACT™ model.

What is a Servant Leader?

This is a person who believes that placing others before themselves isn't just something we do, but it's a lifestyle and principle for significance.


What’s our why?

We believe that every person has significant worth and value. Everybody. The winners in life are the ones that make it their mission to discover it, especially in those who can't or won't see it. We exist to make substantial IMPACT™ in our world, by touching the 7 billion versions of the world trapped inside of others.


Lyle is passionate about Servant Leadership and that passion is contagious. I enjoy my interactions with Lyle and his eagerness to learn about the topic to make a big impact on society is just amazing. He is highly energetic. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to start “Service is Power” Podcast to educate many about the concept of Servant Leadership. I have had the privilege of being a gust in his podcast. He is eloquent in his presentation and I have had the privilege of listening to him as he spoke about how Servant Leadership is a perfect fit even in a military set up, when he spoke at a Training program at UST. He is a great champion for the cause and I am sure many will get convinced about Servant Leadership through him.
“Lyle Tard is a phenomenal example of who a servant leader is. Lyle speaks personally with each individual and gives them an experience that is unlike any other. I highly recommend reaching out to Lyle if you are interested about learning how to be a Servant Leader.”
— Caleb Roche, Founder/CEO of CRoche Consulting


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