The Making of IMPACT™

Leadership has had forcible contact with the lives of every person we know. In many ways, this contact has been world changing in its effect, as world changing as planes crashing into buildings. Now, that statement can be jarring for some, but what transpired when that collision happened? So many people came from so many different places, forgot their personal cares, biases and issues and had another kind of contact. A connection that has forged strength, purpose and distinction for hundreds of millions of people.This is the IMPACT™ of service.

As a military veteran, I know the force of the collision that tragic leadership has had on groups and individuals. However, I know, having served during the early 2000s, the life altering effect that dedicated service to others has had to uplift, undergird, and restore dreams and hope. I have experienced its ability to dispel fear, bring about clarity, and reinstitute vitality. Serving others makes a historical, IMPACT™ and a creates legacy.

IMPACT™ is a three-tiered model of leadership forged from the principles of servant leadership based particularly in military service. The three tiers are established on three principles of service, Integrity, Selflessness, and Excellence. Each letter of IMPACT™ teaches a pivotal concept that shapes and forms people into leaders that service the world to freedom. These core proclamations are the bedrock of a leadership conviction that allows foundations to be rebuilt and reassured, answering three questions:

Are you ready? (Integrity)

Are you willing? (Selflessness)

Are you able? (Excellence)

The basic tier of IMPACT™ challenges the depths of our understand of ourselves. “Basic IMPACT™” pushes us to see if we are prepared to accept the grind of leadership by asking if, at the heart of ourselves, are we ready to lead others, or do we just want to lead others? No one who is ready to succeed stops at a want to be successful. “Basic IMPACT™” drives us from the starting line and into the race of leadership.

The management tier of IMPACT™ exposes the obstacles that keep us from sprinting towards those who need us desperately. The gap between ready and willing is caring. “Middle IMPACT™“ focuses on caring because at our core, we must care or everything else is corrupt. The leader in the middle has to be the leader that is selflessly willing to be everything and nothing so that everyone above and below the will lack for nothing.

The executive tier of IMPACT™ showcases the hope of excellence in leadership. This must be modelled at a certain level so that everyone is able to exercise the opportunity to be brilliant. Here, the ability to recognize value, worth, talent, ability is just as important as the ability to corral inferiority and decrease mediocrity. “Major IMPACT™“ summons the best and brightest of every leader, particularly the ones that aren’t in this tier of training. If we cannot, then don’t have major IMPACT™ with others.

IMPACT™ Servant Leadership is a journey like no other. This isn’t for the weak. Servant Leadership just went where few believed it can go.