Lyle was one of the most infectious Servant Leaders and one of the greatest training minds I had the honor of serving with in my 20 years of military service. Lyle was the training manager in a 16 nation NATO training organization. He had the ability like no other to motivate, communicate and serve military members all with a multitude of backgrounds and cultures. When you integrated with Lyle you were guaranteed 2 things: A smile and an answer. I saw him lead a training program to reach new heights. If you are ready to take your University, Business, Church or just life in general to the next level, Lyle has the leadership, knowledge and presence to take you there. Whether it be speaking engagements or as an integrated part of your team, integrating Lyle's talents is a must!

-TJ Courtney

Lyle is passionate about Servant Leadership and that passion is contagious. I enjoy my interactions with Lyle and his eagerness to learn about the topic to make a big impact on society is just amazing. He is highly energetic. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to start "Service is Power" Podcast to educate many about the concept of Servant Leadership. I have had the privilege of being a gust in his podcast. He is eloquent in his presentation and I have had the privilege of listening to him as he spoke about how Servant Leadership is a perfect fit even in a military set up, when he spoke at a Training program at UST. He is a great champion for the cause and I am sure many will get convinced about Servant Leadership through him.

-Dr. Madana Kumar, PHD

I managed multiple programs in which Lyle was one of the instructors. I really enjoyed working with and conducting training sessions with Lyle the last 3 years of my Air Force career. We thought multiple subjects from the newest Airmen to most senior Air Force leadership. His ability to capture the audience and make the material easy to understand is phenomenal. I do love how open he is with his personal story in a way that people see him as a human and not just an instructor in front of the room. I would love to work with Lyle again.

-Paula Rojas

Lyle has been a phenomenal servant leader overseas as well as in the United States. I have personal witness him demonstrate resiliency as it relates to putting others first. Whether it be mentally, physically, socially or spiritually, Lyle has always been able to consistently lead others. It will be a tremendous asset for whoever invites him to their team.

-Aaron Wilson

During my time at Joint Base Andrews, I had the honor to have Mr. Tard as one of my resilience trainers under the Comprehensive Airmen Fitness program. His presentation and energy was superior. I recommend Mr. Tard for future presentations.

-Javonika McCree

Lyle Tard is a true blessing to everyone within his sphere of influence! He has been a model of servant leadership throughout his career in the military, and he is now investing in others to help them understand the power of servant leadership. He is a gifted communicator in his role as moderator of his fabulous podcast, Service is Power, as he relates so well to both his guests and his audience. If you want to continue to advance in your journey of servant leadership, I would encourage you to engage with Lyle as much as possible. You will be blessed too!

-Mark Deterding